Perkin Elmer Multiprobe II


The Perkin Elmer Multiprobe II, is a large format liquid handler that can be configured to perform a wide variety of tube and plate based applications. This 4 or 8 channel  system is available in both Standard and Expanded deck sizes offering 16 or 32 microplate tile capacity. Key features include: 8 Independent Tips – offering flexibility with speed of processing Choice of Sampling Probes VersaTip® – the unique ability to have all eight adapters use disposable tips or fixed tips at any point in the assay. Fixed Tips – washable, stainless steel sampling probes coated with Teflon® Low Volume Tip – washable, stainless steel sampling probes coated with Teflon capable of dispensing volume ranges from 500nL to microlitres Varispan™ – now improved variable probe spacing between 9mm and 40mm to access a wide variety of labware including microplates, tubes, vials and reagent containers Accusense™ – patented independent liquid level sensing, allowing volumes as low as 50µL to be detected in microplates   Additionally, Multiprobe II may be integrated into a larger automation system using either PE’s powerful WinPREP  software or other off-the-shelf scheduling/integration software such as Thermo Fisher’s Momentum, PAA’s Overlord 3,  Brooks Automation’s Sprint 6 or Retisoft’s Nexus or Genera. Hardware options available; gripper arm, tip racks, temperature controlled locators, plate filtration, tip washing, bar code reader…many more.

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