Perkin Elmer JANUS

The Perkin Elmer JANUS, is a large format liquid handler that can be configured to perform a wide variety of tube and plate based applications. Available with either 4 or 8 independent channels, the JANUS Varispan pipetting arm is ideal for accessing sample tubes or individual wells of a 96 or 384 well plate. JANUS’ 96 or 384 MDT arms can access whole plates, or individual rows or columns. Up to two arms may be supported on one platform. The dynamic range for MDT heads is  50nl (using the MDT Nanohead) to 235 ul while the Varispan head volume ranges from 0.5ul to 1ml.

JANUS is well suited for plate replication, reformatting and serial dilutions, JANUS can also be configured for more complex molecular biology or cell based assays as a stand alone workstation. Additionally, JANUS may be integrated into a larger automation system using either PE’s powerful WinPREP  software or other off-the-shelf scheduling/integration software such as Thermo Fisher’s Momentum, PAA’s Overlord 3, Brooks Automation’s Sprint 6 or Retisoft’s Nexus or Genera. Hardware options available; 96 MDT head, 384 MDT head, plate  gripper arm, tip racks, temperature controlled locators, plate filtration, tip washing, bar code reader…many more.

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