BioTek Microplate Washers


Over the last 20 years, BioTek has become the leader in microplate washing. This proven expertise in the design and manufacture of the highest quality microplate washers has evolved into the ELx405 Microplate Washer. Precise, fast and easy to use. For those applications that use only 96-well microplates, the standard ELx405 Microplate Washer is an ideal choice for performance and value! The ELx405 is the most precise and reliable washer available. Many unique features lower background absorbance values and increase the signal-to-noise ratio of typical ELISA assays. The ELx405's patent pending Ultrasonic Advantage™ offers effortless washer manifold maintenance. Scientists regard unexpected clogging of manifold tubes to be the largest contributor to assay failure. Cleaning these tubes is a time consuming and labor intensive process. BioTek's Ultrasonic Advantage™ incorporates the power of ultrasonic cleaning to make the ELx405 the first self-maintaining microplate washer.


The EL406 Combination Washer Dispenser offers fast, full plate washing along with three reagent dispensers in one, compact instrument… all from the recognized industry leader. The EL406 is the latest advancement in 1536-, 384- and 96-well microplate washing and dispensing incorporating BioTek’s patented Dual-Action™ manifold, optimized washing for loosely adherent cell monolayers, built-in patent-pending Ultrasonic Advantage™ for unattended wash manifold maintenance and up to four wash buffers for complex wash routines.

BioTek’s EL406 magnetic bead washing module offers high strength biomagnetic separation in both 384- and 96-well microplates. Based upon what is regarded as the industry standard in microplate washing, BioTek’s EL406™ Microplate Washer Dispenser offers full plate washing of magnetic microspheres used in a growing number of multiplex assays and bead-based ELISAs along with reagent dispensing. Developed in conjunction with leaders in genotyping, gene expression and protein assays built upon the Luminex xMAP platform, BioTek’s magnets incorporate high-energy neodymium iron boron magnets for rapid separation of micrometer and nanometer beads with superior retention. An accessory magnet adapter kit allows any EL406 configuration to accommodate magnetic bead assay washing and dispensing. An available vacuum filtration module makes the EL406 also well suited for polystyrene bead assays and filtration-to-waste processes. The EL406 Washer Dispenser is Luminex xMAP approved.

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