BioTek Liquid Handlers

A configurable multi-station platform and powerful onboard software allow for customized applications. The unique XY transport design provides effortless 96- to 384-well plate transfers with the same pipette mechanism. BioTek's proprietary pipette technology provides a reliable way to pick up and seal standard tips with controlled force. Precision solves the sealing issues associated with conventional pipettes.

Precision Microplate Sample Handlers and Pipetting Systems offer an affordable alternative to liquid handling requirements, including user configurable multi-station platforms, volume ranges from as low as 1 ┬ÁL and intuitive Precision Power software.

Precision optimizes safety in today's laboratory, by helping prevent eliminate repetitive motion injuries. Its compact size makes Precision ideally suited for installation into a biological safety cabinet. An internal software safeguard is available at any point in the liquid transfer if a pause or program abort is necessary.
Precision offers a variety of fluid transfer operations including:

  • Reagent addition
  • Mixing within a well
  • Serial dilutions
  • Rapid Dispense Mode
  • Plate replication
  • Sample transfer

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