Beckman Biomek FX

tl_files/usedliquidhandlers/pages/beckman/beckman-coulter-logo.pngThe Biomek® FX is a large scale (152 x 83cm) liquid handling workstation. Using interchangeable locators (ALP’s), the FX deck can be configured for a wide variety of applications. When configured with an 8 channel (Span 8) pipettor, the Biomek FX is ideal for accessing sample tubes or microtiter plates for sample reformatting or hit picking. Also available are 96 or 384 channel heads which enable whole/partial  plate processing for replications, reformatting or other higher throughputapplications. Numerous FX’s can be found in a wide variety of research applications including a wide variety of molecular biology applications (nucleic acid purification, pcr setup, next gen sequencing library prep). FX can be configured as a stand alone workstation or integrated into a larger automation system using either Beckman’s powerful SAMI software or other off-the-shelf scheduling/integration software such as Thermo Fisher’s Momentum, PAA’s Overlord 3, Brooks Automation’s Sprint 6 or Retisoft’s Nexus or Genera. Hardware options available; 96 channel head, 384 channel head, 360 degree rotating gripper, bar code reader, shaking peltier ALP, 96 well flat or post magnetic locator,  tube racks, plate locator ALPs (many), disposable tip loader ALP, passive and active wash ALPS, bar code reader…many more.


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