Agilent Velocity 11 Vprep

The Agilent (formerly Velocity 11) VPrep or Vertical Pipetting Station, is a uniquely designed liquid handler that conserves bench-top real estate  by making us of vertical space.  With user- interchangeable 96 and 384 heads, VPrep has a dynamic range of 100nl to 250ul.    VPrep is able to access 8 individual deck locations and is a versatile general purpose platform for plate replication, reformatting and serial dilutions,  VPrep can also be configured for more complex molecular biology or cell based assays as a stand alone workstation.

Additionally, VPrep may be integrated into a larger automation system using either Agilent’s powerful VWorks  software or other off-the-shelf scheduling/integration software such as Thermo Fisher’s Momentum,   PAA’s Overlord 3,  Brooks Automation’s Sprint 6 or Retisoft’s Nexus or Genera. Hardware options available; 96 channel head, 384 channel head,  plate  gripper, temperature controlled locators, plate filtration, tip washing, bar code reader…many more!

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