Agilent Velocity 11 Centrifuge, Vspin

Optimized to meet the rigors of laboratory automation, the VSpin Integrated Microplate Centrifuge offers quiet operation and high throughput in a small, zero maintenance package. Ideal for use in a Velocity11 BioCelĀ®, the dual bucket rotor accommodates two standard microplates at a time and is excellent for filtration protocols and spin-downs including cells and cellular debris. Up to three VSpin units may be stacked to save space. The door's design allows for access to the bucket by a range of robotic grippers. An ActiveX control and RS-232 serial port provide straightforward integration into existing or new automation systems. The user fully controls time, accel/decel and top speed. Safety features include hardware door interlock, robust imbalance detection, and high-cycle fatigue design. The VSpin buckets can be removed for cleaning and require no lubrication at the pivots. The VSpin is CE marked and is designed to meet UL requirements for laboratory centrifuges.

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